Our Services

We are here for our patients and clients. We work hard to help you with all of your medical transportation needs, while making transportation planning easier than ever. We offer the most technologically advanced services available. As your needs change we quickly adapt to the new changes. We respond to all external requirements as they arise. We partner with you and create service offerings that are molded after your unique needs, goals, and timeline. Our goal is to lead the Medical Transportation industry to a new level of professionalism and service.

Trust keeps professional EMTs, Paramedics, First Responders, and Dispatchers on staff and maintains vehicle and supply redundancies to ensure constant availability of the best service available. Learn More >

Trust maintains a fleet of fully equipped modern ambulances and wheelchair vans for all patient types. We have our own state certified fleet maintenance department that is constantly overseeing all of our units. Learn More >

Basic Life Support Ambulance

This service is provided in a fully equipped licensed ambulance with two Certified EMTs who can perform an array of basic life saving procedures and are equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED). BLS units are utilized for the basic medical transportation of stabilized patients.

Wheelchair Van Services

This service is offered to patients that do not require any medical monitoring or immediate medical care. Trust Wheelchair Service is ideal for transportation to and from doctor's appointments, dialysis, social events, or discharges from hospitals or nursing facilities. Please note that with the new EMS Act we are prohibited to transport patients on a wheelchair van who are on oxygen that are not able to administer and monitor their own oxygen level.

Bariatric Ambulance Service

Trust has ambulances specifically designed to provide safe transportation for patients with body weight in excess of standard equipment limitations. These units are staffed by 3 trained EMTs who have additional training in handling larger patients. Our Bariatric Ambulances are specially equipped with a bariatric stretcher and have the capability of transporting larger patients weighing up to 700 pounds.

Facility / Hospital Contracts

We offer contracts to any organization that needs to utilize our services, although a contract is not required to use our services it is preferred. With a signed contract we make sure that we have more than enough staff and units to accommodate all of your ambulance and wheelchair van needs. We also utilize the industries most advanced dispatching and scheduling software to make sure that the daily operations run smoothly. We work together with your facility and staff to make sure that we meet all of your expectations. For more information please contact our marketing department.

Stand By & Special Events

This service is offered by either an ambulance or wheelchair van to accommodate patients or organizations in special events. Some of these services might be Sporting Events, Weddings, Family Reunions, Graduations, Concerts, Church Events, Funerals, Natural Disasters, etc.

Coverage Area

  • Adams County
  • Cumberland County
  • Dauphin County
  • Franklin County
  • Juanita County
  • Lebanon County
  • Lycoming County
  • Northumberland County
  • Perry County
  • Snyder County
  • Union County
  • York County